LED Screen Hire

Starting in March, Mosaic Audio Visual will now be offering LED Screen solutions.

We are always keen to utilise this technology in innovative ways. Mosaic have always been adept at building active scenery elements and backdrops. We are excited that we have more tools in our tool box to enhance your end product.

Experience the power of LED technology with Mosaic. Our high-quality LED screens are designed to captivate audiences and elevate your message, whether indoors or outdoors.

Why LED? With brilliant colours, crisp clarity, and unmatched versatility, our screens offer unparalleled visual impact. From dynamic digital signage to immersive displays, we can tailor to your needs.

At Mosaic, we're more than just a supplier - we're your partner in success. Our dedicated team provides expert support from design to installation, ensuring a seamless experience every step of the way.